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MPC Academy operates in 3 main areas to develop student on their journey to whatever it is they are to become. Our main purpose is to create the WHOLE individual not just focusing on one area of their lives. 




"To reach your MAXIMUM, what you do OFF the training field is more important than what you do ON it" - Enoch Showunmi

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Are you a parent of a 14-18 year old trying to figure out the best steps for their future?


As a parent are you putting your child in the right places to enable them to create the life that they dream of?

Maybe you've exposed your son or daughter to many tutors and teaching styles but they are still not getting better in their chosen fields


Maybe it's not about their ability but on the big stage or when it matters most they freeze when they have so much riding on it. Maybe they just need to improve certain aspects of their mindset and with all the noise on the internet you don't know what the right path is for you.

Maybe, as a parent you've become frustrated that you've put so much time, effort and money but have seen little in the way of development. 

I've been in that exact position as a student athlete. Trial after trial, tryout after tryout. I failed to stand out, wasn't able to show my best form and at time to be brutally honest, I just wasn't even good enough.

So, I set out on my journey to become the best version of myself I could be:

  • I had to work on my limiting beliefs, and there will be some in every teenager as they venture into the unknown

  • I had to let go of years of rejections and build my confidence and self-esteem

  • I had to figure out how to live like a professional athlete despite the fact I was still in university and working part-time

  • I had to change from negative self-talk and labelling to something more positive


All of that was before I even entered onto the field to keep improving my game. These are the same skills that have helped me to transition off the field and build my own business as an entrepreneur. 

Maybe these are some the issue your child is facing right now and just need the right mentor and the right program for them to really excel and unleash that true potential that is within them.

First, we start with that inner journey & understanding themselves, that self-awareness so they have a clear picture in what GOALS they are moving towards and most importantly WHY.

Successful people in general attribute success as 80% to their mentality and 20% to their actual talent or ability. While scientist say we only use 10% of our brain while 90% of what we do is unconscious.

So the question remains why do we focus almost 100% on the 20% physical training and on our 10% conscious abilities, rather than the 80% MINDSET and the 90% subconscious that creates our success?

This is our starting point. MINDSET 



The world is a big competition. Businesses compete for your money and attention. Students compete for a college scholarship of which there are limited numbers available. Graduates compete in the job market. Athletes compete for spot in their team or a spot in a professional game. Everywhere you go you are competing and not everything is a fair playing ground.

So how do you excel in such a competitive environment?

You have to look at your performance. Along your path you will be required to perform whether that be academically, on a stage, in your job or in a sport. Your performance will be the key to where end up and what type of life you lead. 

Every top athlete, entrepreneur and performer has always had a coach or mentor help them narrow in on their performance so that they can add and adapt to the changing world around them and add extra percentages so that they continue to perform at high levels in their respective roles.

This is why MPC Academy will be an invaluable toolbox for young people on the journey to bring out the best they have to offer and unleash their potential. 


you are male or female and you want to go professional or earn a good scholarship then you are not competing with the players in your team, players in your area or state or even just in your country. You are competing with players from all over the world.


In an ultra competitive world, you have to be able to be a firefly in a land of shadows and stand out from the crowd. That will relate to how you outperform your peers. 



"I am not a perfectionist, But I like to think that things are done well. More important than that, I feel an endless need to learn, to improve, to evolve" - Cristiano Ronaldo

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"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. ― Roald Dahl


MPC Academy focuses in on what will be the most important aspect of what they want to pursue. Instead of following plans that doesn't serve them, we find ways in which they are equipped with the best information for them as individuals. 

The fact that they will looking to go into an industry where 0.01% of young players make it professional. It truly is an exclusive club.

As a parent, I'm sure you will be looking more into what your teenager is going to major in and what career path they are likely to take.

MPC Academy delves deep into the individual to map out a route for the student to map out their own path. Finding out their interests and hobbies and diving deep into job roles that they could potentially go into post college.

Here at MPCA we pride ourselves on finding solutions that will help impact the lives of our clients. 

At different stages in our lives our interests and hobbies may change and they fluctuate so much during our teens, depending on what we are exposed to. By continually developing their own identity and how they view and see the world and finding the correct path for them

We look at ways in which they can build on self-awareness that lasts longer than it takes to complete this program. The secret to our success is in managing thoughts (mindset) building on their ability and confidence (performance) and finding roles that they would be happy and enthusiastic about seeing through (careers).

These 3 steps are critical to build the WHOLE person and this is why MPC Academy is the step that student athletes need to take to fully unleash their own potential.


MPC ACADEMY addresses multiple issues you'll find in student athletes

Performance Anxiety 

Academic Problems

Bad Decision-Making

Social Comparison



No Motivation

Unsure of interests

No Self-Confidence

No Awareness

Limiting Beliefs

Unsure of strengths

Don't know what to Major in 


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