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No one told you it was going to be easy!

If you are trying to become a professional soccer player, it is a must that you look at what it truly takes and the sacrifices that you must make to take your game all the way to the next level.

Do not see the end results of the best players in the world. They took many stages to get to the success, money, designer clothes, cars, fame, and sponsorship deals. The Diagram below shows the Soccer Player Iceberg, it shows what goes on below the surface, beyond what the public see that enables the player to achieve their own greatness. Don’t be fooled by what you see and then turn around and think it is JUST about playing soccer and having a little natural talent.

Below the surface is what becomes your journey, it is how you get to your destination to your tip of the iceberg. Without the stages and difficulties that no one else see achievement will fall by the way side.

It is all about the journey and not the outcome is an adage that has been used so many times by people who have accomplished things in their lives. The key aspect on the journey is that you must focus the map towards your destination otherwise you get lost along the way and you forget about your underlying mission of why you are doing things.

When you know how to get to the destination, driving or walking, you are on autopilot – you don’t have to think about where you are going you simply take all the correct turns and roads to get there.

However, if you left your house to go to an unknown destination. How would you plan to get there? Would you leave home with no ideal path to get to your destination? If there were no google maps on your phone or installed into the car, would you do it like back in the days and map out the journey on an A-Z map and mark the different roads you need to take to get to that destination? You would not be looking at going blind and just believe that eventually you will get there because you know the general direction of where it is.

Now I hate driving, and I’ve done my fair share in my time, however many times I chose to drive many hours because I was able to see my family and friends, or I would be rewarded professionally or personally by making that journey. The journey although sometimes difficult, tedious, boring, unfulfilling, repetitive and tiresome is rewarding because of what is on the other side of that journey.

To get to the destination you desire, it is about taking those small roads that are hidden yet essential, it is about knowing that the direction you are going is the right path and being confident in the turns you are making. It is about learning the right paths prior to getting there.

Life is somewhat different than a car ride or a walk however the similarities can be seen in the little things that make up the bigger aspect of your journey. Like driving to any destination, life has multiple ways to get to the same destination. Soccer will tell you that there is a usual way to make it however that is untrue. There are multiple ways to get there and it is never too late to try. My story is testament to that fact – never at a professional club as a youngster, finishing a degree and turning pro at 21.

As for the multiple ways to get to the same destination, all the roads you take must have a purpose that is aligned with the overall direction you are going in. The purpose in moving closer to the destination with every path you take is important. Unlike mapping a road with an A-Z or using google maps. In life there is more trial and error in trying to find that destination, but the key is learning along the way. You learn new routes and shortcuts that will enable you to fulfill your desire.

The closer you are the better you feel about getting towards your destination, the increased belief you have in the processes that you have in place and the more conviction you go about doing your day to day routines that have become the alignment to your ultimate goal.

The end destination is your vision, the day to day routines and habits ultimately will be the most important aspect of your journey and what you will need to fall in love with so that you are able to fulfill your ambitions and potential.

If you want to know about what we do here at Global Soccer Pathways please email to discuss options of working with a seasoned professional soccer player.

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