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A program for aspiring soccer players to take their game to the next level

Showunmi Leeds United talk

Messi Vs Showunmi

Chances are you may of never heard of Enoch Showunmi

Chances are that if you're reading this where you are at right now in your soccer career is more aligned with my career than a Messi or a Ronaldo. You may want to become a professional soccer player or you want to take your game to the next level.


But you don't know how!


You work hard and practice everyday but for some reason to can't replicate that in games or when it matters at showcases, ID Camps or tryouts.


I was there too - at 16 I wanted to become a professional but I didn't know how, I wasn't good enough and I didn't have the experts around that could show me the way.

But I did it! Just before my 22nd birthday I signed my first pro contract having never been at a professional academy or any elite academy during my youth.


I want to show you how I did it and how there are actionable steps you can actually follow that will take your game up several notches.


Growing up in London, the competition for young kids wanting to turn professional was and still is immense. Having been rejected at so many times during my youth not just with professional clubs but with school and district teams, I was still able to make it.

Through an 15 year plus professional soccer career playing Championship and League One football in the UK as well as representing Nigeria national team and working with aspiring youth players, I have learnt first-hand what it takes to reach the highest level. 

Top athletes and successful people attribute success as 80% to their mentality and 20% to their actual talent or ability. While scientist say we only use 10% of our brain while 90%of what we do is unconscious.

So the question remains why do we focus almost 100% on the 20% physical training and on our 10% conscious abilities, rather than the 80% mindset and the 90% subconscious that creates our success?

enoch bristol


Superstar Loop

Subconscious Understanding Perception Emotions Resonance State Thoughts Actions Results

Everything starts with your subconscious mind. It is a sponge that produces everything that arises in life, if there is not conscious input to the things you are doing. By simply existing and allowing life to dictate what you bring in from your five senses, gives rise to an understanding and perception that you have of the world that you live in. Negative experiences produces a negative understanding and perception of the things around you and in the same way, positive experiences gives rise to more positive understanding and perceptions. 

The understanding and perception that you hold translates into certain emotions that you feel, similar occurrences happen constantly and feeds back into those same emotions. As you begin to familiarize yourself with these emotions that keep popping up, you begin to resonate with certain things over another. What you resonate with holds a certain vibration or frequency that you live everyday. You are subconsciously attracting this simply because it is what you know and you are familiar and partly comfortable with this known element of life.


These emotions and what you resonate with long-term feed back into your subconscious mind, which shapes your understanding and perceptions in life, which creates those same emotions and that same resonance that you have had all your life. This completes the internal balancing loop.


Your emotions and the things that you resonate with, changes your state. What you resonate with is an internal vibration and frequency that you hold as you walk through life. Your state is now how you are approaching the world. Your state is your interactions with people, places, things and how you come across to other people. Your state can also be your physical appearance, your emotions and what you are resonating with in any given moment can effect how you hold yourself, your body language, hunch shoulders or states of confidence and personal power. 


We use language to rationally put a name to these feelings, emotions and states and these become our thoughts. Thoughts you may believe are internal but you are born and conditioned to view the world from a certain, place, time, language and bias. Then if we are able to hear our own thoughts or our thoughts are a different voice from our own. Then thoughts are mostly incoming thoughts from the world around you. They come from experiences that you rationalized, they come from books, movies, friends, family, the news etc etc. How many thoughts can we truly say are our own independent thoughts?


So, from your state of being in any point in time and the thoughts that are arising on a minute by minute basis, gives rise to how you approach your actions that you need or want to take. A negative state and negative thought patterns diminishes your ability to perform actions to the best of your ability and therefore your results are then effected by the external reinforcing loop. This loop reinforces everything that has gone on before because even if you set out to do something positive but the result is more in line with the negativity that has been entrenched in your subconscious mind rather than the last thoughts before taken actions.


The actions and results then lead back to your original understanding and perceptions of the world as they have confirmed the things that was already part of your belief patterns in the first place.


The only way to break this loop is to create the right inputs along the way to change the outputs. If you have just been existing in life and not consciously been aware of anything that you do or how you behave and react to things, then it will take time to continuously break the cycle of being yourself and step into a new idea of self and awaken that true SUPERSTAR.


Showunmi Vs Celtic


Find a support network that supports your goals

Enoch Colchester Goal


Clearing any limits. Self-inquiry to know self better

Enoch Bristol City Goal


Where you place your attention you place your energy.

Showunmi Sheffield Wednesday

Work Ethic

Consistent daily actions that are aligned with your goals 

enoch leeds united celebration


Expanding your knowledge

and evaluate process.

Enoch Falkirk


Nurture your nature so things become effortless

Is it truly possible to AWAKEN the SUPERSTAR player within you?

Short answer is YES!


Becoming that SUPERSTAR soccer player is not just about working on your skills - it is about building a foundation, creating consistency through small, actionable, daily habits that lead to the biggest rewards.


How many people do you know who fulfilled their dreams and realized their potential? Not many, right?




Because it is difficult to put work in everyday and continue to trust the process when it's easier to give up.


I dedicated myself to becoming the best soccer player I could be and now I'm dedicating my coaching career to helping athletes reach their fullest potential.


A HERO creates habits they do every single day without fail. Habits that are aligned with their greatest vision they hold in mind and recreating it outwardly


A HERO has an air of authenticity about them. They are able to express themselves as who they are. They have no need to copy or compare and be something they are not.


A HERO takes 100% responsibility for all circumstances that occur. It is the HERO'S ability to respond and not react that enables them to achieve greater  feats 


A HERO observes that everything cannot be labelled good or bad and creates a viewpoint that enables them to use what happened as a means for growth 

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