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REVEALED: The 3 - step game plan 'pros' use to stay at the top of their game & how you can use it RIGHT now 
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If you are already one of the best in your field. DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

BUT… if you are trying to go pro, get a great scholarship or trying to get further in whatever field or perhaps you have already got some great feedback, but something is holding you back from breaking through to that next level in your development.

Then, listen closely!

I’m going to show you the simple game plan that professional soccer players use to help build their careers and play at their highest-level possible week in, week out, why that is easily transferred into the business world and keeps you ahead of the competition.

Hi, my name is Enoch Showunmi.

It all started at 18 years old and I was about to start university. I saw the writing on the wall, and it said, “you are not good enough to play professional soccer and you’re getting too old”

It wasn’t just on the wall; I was told numerous times I wasn’t good enough by not being picked. I had never even been at a professional club for even a day during my whole youth playing soccer and if you are born in Europe like I was that was the ‘normal’ way to do it.

Well, I was taught there is no such word as ‘can’t’ and I wasn’t about to just take that and live with it. I decided to prove everyone wrong including my own parents and re-create myself on the field. It took me 3 years to figure out, but I landed myself on the Nigeria national team after my 1st season in professional soccer.

I had always been rejected in my youth even if some coaches told me I was good, but I never got that opportunity to really showcase my ability in the right environment over a concerted time. I had to push for everything I got, and I devoted myself to working harder than anyone else even prior to the right opportunity arriving.

After I completed university, I had earned the opportunity to train with a professional soccer club, something I had always dreamed of. I thought my dreams had come true…until the 1st game. I was dragged off after 40 minutes and felt like the game wasn’t for me after all. It wasn’t what I expected.

My first 8 months at professional level, only getting paid expenses the equivalent of $50 a week and playing first team soccer were hit and miss. Those months I was laughed at and ridiculed, players in the team were telling the manager I’m not good enough to be there and my self-confidence was on the floor. And I realized during those months that soccer had changed for me.

I was in an environment where you had to earn your respect out on the field and multiple eyes were judging your every step. I had to re-create myself, my game, my approach and get back to the game I knew how to play…not the game everyone else tried to make me play. I had to do that whilst also learning a position on the field I had never played in my life. It took those months to really put it all together.

When I did…it all clicked again. I was noticed nationally after scoring a hattrick and earning my first professional contract and was making a name for myself and my team. All thanks to the little things I did day in and day out.

That February 2004 I was awarded the league’s player of the month and by the end of that season I was voted Young Member’s Player of the Season and called up to the Nigerian national team.

It was that experience that made me realize something…

Not all players get the opportunity to become the player they really can be. I see 18-year old’s dropping out of the game as there are no options for them. And that breaks my heart.

So, when after 12 years my playing career came to an end...I made a promise to myself: that I would do whatever I could to help out younger players… and the parents and coaches that support them…become the best they can be.

So, I started breaking down some of the tools I used to become an international soccer player.

And today, I’m excited to announce the first tool that really started my journey and enabled me to propel myself to even greater heights. Introducing…Unleashing Your Potential With A Simple Triple R Blueprint.

I’ve compiled the things that I did in 2003-2004 and decided to let some of you younger ballplayers benefit from all the research I did for over 3 years.

I know that without the coaches, teammates and my parents that I had by my side, I would have never been able to accomplish what I did, so one of my goals was to find a way to give back to those younger players looking for that 1 thing that can give them a shot… the 1 thing that can help them reach their next goal.

Here’s exactly what you will discover Inside the Triple R Blueprint to Unleash Your Potential…


The most important advice I was given by some of the top soccer players in the world when I was 19 and a body double to Patrick Viera in a Nike ad 2001


My personal 3 steps that propel your career past whatever you have done in the past and feeling stuck


As a parent or coach you will make it crystal clear you know the right ways to help develop a player's potential


You will be able to gain a renewed confidence in your performances, attitude and mentality


You will be able to build grit and determination so that nothing stands in your way until you reach your goal


You will be able to recognize your progression consistently


You will keep growing until you manage that breakthrough performance that takes you to the next level


It will enable you to change your outlook on everything that is in your life right now and see it in a better way


It will improve your life and relationships

Imagine that the steps I outline in this book helps propel you to earn a pro contract or to get an even better scholarship or a promotion at work or to follow your true dreams. What would that be worth to you?

I know that for me at 21 years old, it completely changed my life to be able to achieve what I did. When everyone around me was telling me, I couldn’t do it. And now 20 years later from the time I truly decided I wanted to be a professional soccer player I’m here writing to you and pushing to really help the next generation succeed.



Great person. Great trainer. Helped a lot with my technical ability on the ball along with my fitness. He also helped with my vision when scanning the field and different ways to move in different situations.



Amazing trainer. Highly recommended. Very skilled and much of a people person, Can easily identify your flaws and help you to work to improve them . Very fun person to train with.



Global Soccer Pathways and Enoch Showunmi was great! I would recommend them to anyone who’s serious about soccer and are looking for something really professional. 


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Enoch Showunmi turned professional at 21 years old. Having never played at a professional level during his youth he went from 11th tier in English Football to International football with Nigeria in under a year.

He turned out for the likes of Leeds United, Sheffield Wednesday, Notts County and Bristol City in Championship and League One in England and played in the Scottish Premier League over a 12 year + career and also has a Bachelors in Business Admin and a Master's in Finance

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