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Residential Soccer Experience


15 hours

soccer activity a week, including games and video analysis

Airport Shuttle & pickup will be provided, beginning and end term

20+ games to showcase ability on the field in adult league

Training deliver by Stewart Flaherty (16 years college coaching) & Enoch Showunmi  (over 400 professional games in England & Scotland)

Opportunity to build player portfolio and build career and college opportunities. Written evaluations will be provided to players and discussed.

College search mentoring and placement assistance plus individualized program

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Meet Our Team

Enoch Showunmi


Coach Enoch played over 400 professional games in the English and Scottish professional leagues and also represented the Nigeria full national team. Having been rejected multiple times from youth academies while young and signed pro relatively late, coach Enoch is passionate about boosting players up the levels of the game who may have been overlooked for different reasons.


About Section

A flaw exists in the current youth coaching model where players will play one style, struggle in college and then the style of play be blamed. This dynamic is even stronger at the professional level. If you truly want to make it to the top of the sport, you must be able to thrive in a range of environments and we will teach this to our players. Any guest coaches will be college or professional level and game opposition will come from these levels to sharpen the game of our players and have them KNOW, not guess what the realities are.


All games will be filmed and our players given classroom sessions to teach how to make their highlight reel most effective for their position of play. Individual and team performances will also be evaluated and reviewed post game in a group classroom setting.


While some players may struggle in the advanced opposition level games, they will receive connection, mentoring and support from the staff. This is the key to development rather than massaging the environment to make sure they succeed. Written evaluations will be provided to players at the end of each term and discussed with families to guide going forward.

Sport Psychology & Mentoring lessons will be delivered on campus 


Tactical education breaking down a game with our players and helping them see and evaluate through a coaches eye. In our experience this has been a very positive factor in increasing a player's in game awareness. We will also attend annually a professional and college game, both for the experience and the educational aspect of the trip.

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What the Coaching Involves
  • Individual defensive duties

  • Unit and team defensive duties

  • Mastering defensive duties 11v11

  • Defensive roles and responsibilities in units front to back

  • Pressing to gain territory

  • Building from the back - creating and exploring space

  • Problem solving under pressure

  • Creating play through the midfield

  • breaking the lines of defense to gain an attacking advantage

  • Possession with progression - decision making to retain or play forward

  • Finding a way forward to build up attacking play and retain possession

  • Creating appropriate support, angles and passes

  • Understanding roles and responsibilities during transition

  • Effective roles and responsibilities during transition

  • Pressing to regain possession in all areas off the pitch

  • Creativity to finish in the final third

  • Finishing the attack - finding a way to score

  • Defensive roles and attacking crosses and set pieces

  • Counter Attacking

  • Quick play in and around the penalty area

The total cost of GSP's residential camp depends on your commitment over the course of the 6months. We offer 3 different programs. The cost includes your your accommodation fees, food and your coaching program.



Full 6-month Program


Fall term - August - December


Winter Term - January - March

Commuter Rates


$2,000 per month



Are you ready to take your soccer career to the next level? Look no further! Our College Placement program is tailored to meet the unique needs of each player, ensuring a personalized approach to your success both on and off the field.

Here's what you can expect:

  1. Monthly Personalized Meetings: Say goodbye to generic advice! You'll have dedicated one-on-one sessions to discuss your college search progress and current performance. We'll map out a strategy to elevate your game and academic profile.

  2. Targeted Development Areas: Whether it's refining your technical skills or boosting your academic credentials, we've got you covered. Receive specific guidance on areas to focus on for extra technical and tactical training, as well as academic enhancement.

  3. Individual Attention: Your success is our priority. With a maximum of 20 players per facility, you'll receive the attention you deserve. Our focused approach ensures ample time for personalized support and mentorship.

  4. Field-Ready Experience: Worried about missing out on field time? Don't be! Our program combines on-field commuters and Naples United players, guaranteeing ample opportunities for 11v11 field work.

  5. Don't let your dreams of playing collegiate soccer fade away. Join our College Placement program today and unlock your full potential! 🌟 Reach out now to secure your spot and kickstart your journey to success.

What's Included


Are you ready to take your game to unprecedented heights? Look no further! The GSP Residential Program is your ticket to success, led by none other than the acclaimed Enoch Showunmi and Stewart Flaherty. These soccer icons aren't just coaches; they're mentors, guides, and champions in the game, ready to pave the way for your journey to greatness.

Enoch Showunmi is not just a coach; he's a visionary. With a burning passion for propelling players to new levels, Enoch specializes in nurturing talent that might have been overlooked elsewhere. With firsthand experience and a heart dedicated to your success, Enoch is here to bridge the gap between your current skills and the level you dream of playing at.

But that's not all. Picture this: competitive seasons with our NPSL team, meticulously crafted by Enoch and Stewart. We don't just play; we dominate. Our recognizable style and methodology set us apart on the field, and now, we're ready to share our secrets with you.

But here's the kicker: development in the GSP Residential Program goes beyond the game itself. We're talking about immersion in the very fabric of soccer strategy. With 4-5 main styles of play prevailing in the college and professional game, we ensure you're not just proficient; you're a strategic mastermind. Throughout the year, we delve deep into each style, unraveling the training and reasoning behind every move, every tactic, and every triumph.

So, are you ready to transform into a soccer sensation? Join us at the GSP Residential Program, where dreams become reality, and legends are born. Don't wait for opportunity—seize it with both feet and kick-start your journey to soccer stardom today!


🔑 Unlock Your Potential: Say goodbye to struggling against advanced opposition. With our expert staff by your side, you'll receive personalized connection, mentoring, and support tailored to YOUR needs. We believe in real development, not just massaging the environment to ensure success. Our written evaluations provide invaluable feedback, empowering you to chart your path to greatness.

🧠 Master Your Mind: Gain a mental edge with our exclusive Sport Psychology lessons delivered weekly on campus by our renowned Erimus Sport Psychology staff. With 16 years of experience working with elite athletes, including those from Major League Soccer and UFC fighting, you'll learn the mindset strategies of champions.

📊 Tactical Excellence: Transform your game with insights from professional and college coaches who will dissect matches alongside you. See the field through a coach's eye and elevate your in-game awareness to new heights. Plus, embark on educational trips to professional and college games, enriching your understanding and experience of the sport.

Don't settle for ordinary when you can strive for extraordinary! Join GSP's Residential today and unleash your full potential on the soccer field. Success awaits – are you ready to seize it?


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